February 13, 2008

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  • Insurance report - eric
  • Key report. pay the nyc resistor paypal account $20 key deposit if you want keys. - rafael
  • Membership timeline - NYC Resistor Private Beta coming soon - bre, eric, and raphael
  • Furniture move in - Zach's got a truck full of stuff. We need to help get it out!
  • Treasurer report and dues software report - Zach.
  • Wiki report - George
  • Curtain report - diana
  • IRC - freenode for starts. Would someone do a demo to show people how to get on. - george or eric?
  • Jabber - If you're not on it, it wouldn't hurt to bring your laptop so you can get set up. - george
  • education report - rafael.
  • 15 minute space chit chat in small groups and then report back to the big group. If you've made sketch up plans, this would be the time to share them with a small group and then the big group. If you didn't, bring a pen and some paper so you can sketch out ideas. If you haven't seen raphael's loft idea, you will!
  • internets - someone want to see about getting us a decent tube?