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ALL PYTHON PROGRAMS MUST BE RUN WITH -u' from scripts. Otherwise there will be no output in the logs and you will curse this stupid game. The right way to do it is in /etc/rc.local and log into /tmp:

cd /home/pi/Future-Crew/consoles/$WHATEVER
nohup PYTHONPATH=.. python -u controller.py >> /tmp/future-crew.log 2>&1 &
  • server ( starts automatically via /etc/rc.local. Fully functional now
cd /home/pi/Future-Crew/server
nohup python -u future_server.py >> /tmp/future-crew.log 2>&1 &
  • VidEditConsole ( starts automatically, but nothing is displayed? Too soon or OpenGL bug? If X screensaver kicks on, doesn't seem to restart? Even when run manually there are no graphics? Teensy portion works; nothing on LCD?
  • PatchConsole ( also has rc.local, but nothing is displayed. Otherwise works.
  • PianoConsole ( starts via rc.local. works fine.
  • TeletypeConsole ( -- had DHCP address; runs via /etc/rc.local. This one works!
  • Telephone console ??? -- did not check in