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NYC Resistor is a distributor for the following companies. NYC Resistor members can get wholesale pricing from the following, but remember that we are responsible for collecting NYS sales tax on the things we buy. Some agreements have caveats that Resistors should keep in mind. Questions about these agreements should be directed to the member mailing list.

  • Adafruit
    • $250 minimum order
    • 3 day or longer to ship out
    • Order via website, e-mail member list for login
  • Sparkfun
    • Agreement pending
  • Ordering Procedures for members
    • Ask a member to share an old group order Google Spreadsheet, they're convenient for re-use.
    • Clear it out and save it under a new name.
    • Pick a date to place the order.
    • E-mail the member list with an announcement that you're putting together a group order and post the sharing link for the spreadsheet.
      • Emphasize the order deadline.
      • Discuss how you'll get paid back for fronting the order cost. Ask for money up front, or put it on your credit card for reimbursement. You will have to hound some people for money.
      • Remind people to pay sales tax, because you're taking the risk for that.
    • Get the distributor website login details from the membership e-mail list, several people know the logins.
    • Mark the spreadsheet as ordered, and as a bonus, post the order confirmation details to the list.
    • Receive the order, tell people where to get their stuff.
    • If there is a dispute over items not received or incorrect items, it's unfortunately up to you to handle the resolution with the vendor. This is rare, but our vendors have been super helpful.