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FAQ about NYC Resistor offered classes. Edit this page, or direct inquiries to contact (

Classes FAQ[edit]

Where can I register for NYC Resistor classes?[edit]

Where can I hear about new NYC Resistor classes?[edit]

The most convenient way we offer is the Eventbrite RSS feed:

I'm not available on the day a class is offered. Will it be offered again?[edit]

Our classes are scheduled based on teacher availability and student interest. Generally, popular classes are offered again. If there is a particular class you haven't seen listed in a while, drop us an email to let us know you'd like to see it revived.

I am not a Resistor member. Can I teach a class?[edit]

Yes, but you will need a Resistor member to "sponsor" your teaching by agreeing to be present at the space while you teach. Email us at [email protected] with a class description, equipment/materials needed, and a few dates/times you'd be available to teach it.

I'm a member of the press. Can I attend class for free?[edit]

Generally, no. You may however purchase a ticket and attend class, but we do not offer press passes for classes. Additionally, we ask that any press presence be unobtrusive (this generally means no video cameras).

Can I bring my minor child with me to class?[edit]

Sorry, Resistor is an 18+ space for a number of well thought out reasons.