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Class Requests[edit]

Add any classes you'd like to see here.

  • High Voltage Projects - requested by Liz and Ryan
  • Van de Graff Generator
  • Leyden Jar
  • RGBLED cubes
  • Arduino Multiplexing
  • Microwave Metal Casting
  • Designing Mechanisms for Laser Cutter
  • 3D Design with Sketchup
  • Turn a TV and a Transformer into a Tesla Coil
  • Nixie Tubes for the Rest of Us
  • Salvage Displays out of Electronics (Game Boy, Tamagotchi, Beeper Displays)
  • PCB Etching
  • Servo Control with both RC and Arduino
  • Remote Control with Arduino
  • Tweet Anything (TweetAWatt, etc.)
  • Simple Interactive Displays (
  • Wiimote Hacking
  • Low Power/High Power, automate any device from Arduino using Relays
  • Generating visuals with Processing, outputting elements to text files, and driving CNC machines with the files
  • Sound Responsive Displays (DIYRAVE)
  • DIY Vacuum Forming Machine
  • Silicone Mold Making and Casting
  • Bump Keys and Lock Picking
  • Internalization
  • Data visualization with Processing
  • Others?