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Command Line 101 Class Notes
  1. Home
  2. The Shell
  3. Directories
  4. File Management
  5. Viewing Files
  6. GREP
  7. The Pipe
  8. Chaining
  9. Cool Tricks
  10. Where do I go from here?


  • The root. Base of everything. Everything is ether in, or mounted in root.


  • Holds most configuration files


  • Holds most static data



  • Story about bin vs /usr/bin


  • Holds most variable data
    • Logs in /var/logs

/home (/User)[edit]

  • Holds User's home data
  • $HOME


  • Holds temporary data
  • Cleared out on reboot
    • Sometimes there is a job to clean out older entires more regularly.

The story of /bin vs /usr/bin[edit]