Brother Embroidery Machine

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We have a Brother SE-400 Embroidery & Sewing Machine.

It is stored with the other sewing machines, underneath the table near the elevator. The manual, foot pedal, and power cord are stored alongside it in a clear Ziploc bag.

Some notes about using the embroidery functions:

  • You can use the machine's basic functionality straight from the touchscreen display. It can embroider text, frames, and some preset images, as well as utility stitches like buttonholes.
  • You can also load your own embroidery files onto the machine. We haven't experimented a lot with this yet.
  • It comes with several hoops; check the Ziploc bag with associated notions for the other hoops. Hoop sizes: 4 x 4in or 6.75 x 4in.

Things to keep in mind:

  • A sharp needle is essential. If you're starting a large project, change the needle.
  • Don't use regular sewing thread with the machine. Use special embroidery thread -- you'll get a better result. You may want to bring your own embroidery thread; we don't have a large supply.


We have an Embrilliance Stitch Artist Level 1 license, which you can use for digitizing embroidery designs. The software is installed on two of the Mac laptops in Cubesville. The manual is located at!welcome.htm .

Consider using Inkstitch (, an Inkscape plugin available for macOS (brew install inkstitch), Windows and Linux.

Embroidery software is complicated! Let us know if you have recommendations.