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Right now, these are just random notes, collected against a future day when I write this up properly

Courtesy of I'm attaching two sets of 16 sequins to a skirt. 16 in parallel leds.jpg

Per set, I need eight (8) 68K ohm resistor beads, 16 leds sequins, and one battery.

Each seam has a sewn down side and a folded down side. The straight sewn side is power in all cases. The folded & sewn side is ground in all cases.

Along the bottom hem, power is the top edge and ground is the bottom edge, as the skirt is worn.

Sew each full seam. Then sew the power and ground along the hem.

So, that didn't work out quite as intended. Going simpler with smaller batteries: 3 volts 4 leds.jpg