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What is a BeachBot?[edit]

BeachBots are intentionally vague Beachbots combine sea, sand, sun, and people

Why make BeachBots?[edit]

Robots are fun beaches are fun Fun+fun=more fun! Doing new things pushes boundaries Cool tech: solar, motor control, coding, etc

Ideals of the event[edit]

Remove the pressure to be successful. If you project fails, at least you're at the beach! Push the boundaries!

Beachbot Ideas[edit]

  • Solar hot dog roaster
  • Suicidebots contest
    • Design robots whose sole purpose is to bury themselves
    • Design robots whose purpose is to rescue the idiot robots that are burying themselves
    • Which side wins?
  • Sunblock turret
  • sunblog printer
  • messages in teh sand
  • coolerbot
  • digibot
  • treasurecrab
  • surferbot
  • sandcastle printer
  • watergun bot
  • sunglasses bot
  • fishing bot
  • autonomous beachball
  • your ideas here!


  • amphibious bot
  • cabanabot fanner
  • self filling misterbots
  • pathmaker bot, plows the top, sprays water down, (sounds a trumpet, puts down rose petals, lol)
  • trash-eater
  • sand on blanket cleaner
  • foot de-sander before you put your shoes back on
  • umbrella turbine
  • ribbon wind-power generator