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Just a place-holder for now. A page for tips and resources for beginners, and interesting projects for inspiration or collaboration. I'm hoping that the classes might use it to gather info.


A series of boards based on AVR microcontrollers. Also refers to the programming environment used with these boards (uberhackers go right to AVR assembly language - see Barbot historical perspective). Programs for Arduino are called sketches and are uploaded (burned as firmware) using a USB interface in most cases. Currently (2008), Arduino provides the easiest entry into physical computing.

The related Processing language is used to interface with computers and graphic displays.

Documentation can be found on the main Arduino website. There you can find one of the best quick guides to Arduino, hardware hacking, and basic electronics - the Arduino booklet.


And a more capable board created for the RepRap project, the Sanguino


Arduino shields mount on top of the main board and provide additional functionality.

  • ProtoShield
  • Danger (by NYCResistor's own Zach Hoeken!)
  • Xbee

Hardware sources[edit]


Hacks and Arduino-based Projects[edit]

  • From NYCResistor members


"Making Things Talk" by Tom Igoe

"Learning Processing" by Daniel Shiffman


Other Resources[edit]