8 bit trivia

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Long-game round[edit]

Work on this the whole game... Think of all the video game publishers you can!

Round 1 - Classics[edit]

  • What early, bruce lee reminiscent game involved kicking an endless stream of purple, inept baddies?
    • Kung-fu
  • In super mario brothers, what was the potentially offensive name of the mushroom shaped enemies
    • Goombas
  • In Konami's Contra, what awesome weapon fired in multiple directions at once?
    • the spread gun
  • What color was the original zelda cartridge
    • Shiny gold
  • In the classic version of nintendo's Tetris, what surprising thing flew into the sky when you achieved an impressive high score?
    • The City / Moscow (also accepted is a UFO - it was for even higher scores)
      • BONUS QUESTION! what was the name of the russian company that nintendo liscenced Tetris from?
        • Elorg
      • DOUBLE BONUS!! What does the Russian word Tetris mean?
        • Four
      • TRIPLE BONUS!!!
        • What was the name of the original developer of Tetris

Round 2 - Secrets[edit]

  • In metroid, what name did you have to enter to start as a non-suited samus aran?
    • Hint, it's a name
    • JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------
  • Zelda - what name did you have to enter at the new game screen to start on the second quest
    • link
  • mario 3 world 1 -1... What did you have to do on top of the white block to go to the secret area behind the black curtain?
    • squat (for 3 seconds)
  • What sequence in contra gave you 30 lives
    • up up down down left right b a start
    • Final Fantasy
  • In super mario 3, what suit turned you into a statue when you pressed down?
    • Hint - it's got a weird name
    • I will a funny description
    • Tanooki
  • Name 2 places you can find a heart container in the legend of zelda
    • lots
  • In mike tysons punchout, what was the code to go directly to mike tyson (or mr dream)
    • 007-373-5963

Round 3 - Not so classic[edit]

  • This arcade classic suffered trying to make a mundane adolescent deliveryjob fun on the NES
    • paperboy
  • This afternoon cartoon adaptation left many game buyers feeling scrooged
    • duck tales
  • Even Robbie the robot could make this science themed launch title fun
    • gyroscope
  • Somehow, moving your feet fast just didn't make this sports themed precursor to the wii fit a good game
    • track and field
  • This greek myth turned game fell from flight faster than it's young namesake
    • Kid icarus
  • MUSIC: Castlevania

Round 4 - Sports[edit]

  • tecmo bowl
  • punchout
  • skate or die
  • dodgeball
  • blades of steel
  • Glass joe
  • piston honda
  • King hippo

Round 5 - Arcade Adaptations[edit]

  • pac man
  • donkey kong
  • What BarCade favorite features a lovable bartender slinging beers?
  • What was family friendly NES version of that game