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Property:Has type is a special property that declares the type of a property.


Note that has type can always be used verbatim in English, but many other languages have translations for this property. It is probably preferred to use the translated version.

  • German: Datentyp
  • Traditional Chinese: 設有型態
  • Simplified Chinese: 设有型态
  • Slovakian: Má typ
  • Russian: Имеет тип
  • Polish: Ma typ
  • Dutch: Heeft type
  • Korean: 이 유형
  • Hebrew: מטיפוס
  • French: A le type
  • Spanish: Tiene tipo de datos


It is possible to introduce further aliases for this (or any other special property by adding an entry to the $m_SpecialPropertyAliases array of the SMW_LanguageXX class (with XX being the language code used for the wiki). An entry for the English alias exists already.

Code hints[edit]

The name of the special property can be set in the SMW_LanguageXX.php (with XX being the language code) file in the languages directory. The SMW_SP_HAS_TYPE constant is used to represent the name of the special property in the code.